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Getting Paid to Find Investment Properties For Investors… BIRD DOGGIN!

Did you know that you could earn $1,000 to $4,000 a month just finding properties for Real Estate Investors? Locate properties for investors and get paid to do it.

Most Real Estate Investors will pay anywhere from $500 to $2,5000 for each property lead that they purchase. It’s called a referral fee.

The first thing to do is find Real Estate Investors and build your buyers list. This can be done by looking in your local news paper under Real Estate for sale. Look for adds that say “I buy houses” or “properties wanted”. Once you locate one of these adds call the phone number and ask the investor if he pays a referral fee if you find him a property. Ask him what kind of properties they are looking for ( how many bedrooms etc…) and in what area. Keep a record of what each buyer is looking for. I keep a separate file for each one of my buyers as well as keep a notebook journal on each one for easy reference.

Once you locate a Real Estate Investor that pays a referral fee you must look for properties. Drive through neighborhoods and look for vacant or distressed properties. Distressed properties are those where the grass is high, the windows are boarded up etc…

Once you locate a property write down the address and take some pictures. I write the address on a dry erase board and put it in front of the property for the picture. This helps me keep track of the properties that I find and photo.

Now you must research the property. The first thing to do is go to various home market sites to find out how much the property is worth. I have a list of websites in my blog entitled ” Finding the market value of Real Estate”.

I suggest going to your county tax record website or propertyshark.com and find out the owners name and current address.

Once you get a name you must try to find a current phone number. You can search yellowbook.com which will give you a phone number if it’s listed. Sometimes the phone number is not always available and you will have to send a letter to the address listed for the owner in the tax records .

You can also try to get information on the owner by asking the neighbors. You will be surprised how much information you can get from the neighbor.

Before you turn the referral into the Real Estate Investor you should contact the owner to see if they want to sell the property. Ask them how much they would want if you were to offer them cash. You must get a good deal in order for the Investor to be interested in your lead. Remember Investors will only pay you if they purchase the property so you must get the owner to agree on a low price.

Now call the Real Estate Investor with your new deal.

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